Your sword can be broken?

  • Japanese swords can most certainly break as they are considered among lightest and thinnest swords in the world. It is only due to its internal structure and differential hardening that it is extremely tough despite its slim figure. Breaking is however not very common since the Japanese sword was specifically designed NOT to break but bend instead. For new practicioner or collector, if use and very bad technique when cutting with the hard targets, the blade will not broken but bent blade instantly. for hard target cutting practice ,chose the blade start from 1060 high carbon steel and made for Batto ( for this We suggest you contact us by call , and We will help you to chose correct sword for as you needed ).
      Although swords are functional and made to cut, In fact, a sword  must be handled by an expert in order to attain the tolerance limits .

Can EIJIForge custom-make a blade to my specifications?

  • Yes .

Can I order handmade tsuba with my own design?

  •  Yes you can, for mold cost arround USD 800  to make new design tsuba, and this mold we will give to you.

Whether EIJIForge also sell nihontō?

  •  Yes, We work with some of the Japanese Tosho. for the price of the sword will be the same as in Japan . If buyers want to buy nihontō of online stores in Japan then we can help, for import tax is responsibility of the buyer.