Shinto blade   Shinto katana is made from hand-forged from 1095 high carbon steel with sanmai lamination, clay-tempered to create a sword worthy of being called a performance cutter.  The sword had to be able to take on multiple mats or green bamboo and still be able to perform complex trick cuts. The blade is fitted in a wave theme throughout with dragon sea Menuki. The Tsuka is wrapped in brown silk Ito use hishigami and the Saya is finished in a black gloss lacquer.The blade comes full tang and very sharp.



  • Blade: The blade of the sword has been constructed a San’mai lamination. This process occurs when two types of steel are combined together; in this case the core steel and edge are hard steel  sandwiched between two pieces of medium steel. This is a painstaking process that requires a master smith.
  • The result of the lamination is a sword with an extremely hard cutting edge, but still flexible.
  • The curve of the blade has been created as a result of the different steel used on the Ha and Shinogi. When the blade is quenched the sword is covered with a clay solution, except for the edge of the blade. The blade is then heated and quenched in water. Since the Ha cools much more quickly than the rest of the blade the molecules in the steel expand and force the softer steel to fold back.
  • The HRC of the sword is 45 egress on the Shinogi and 58 degrees on the Yakiba.
  • Blade Lenght : 72 Cm
  • Handle Lenght : 29 Cm
  • Blade Material : 1095 high carbon steel + 1045 carbon steel.
  • The tip of the blade is real kisaki temper line.
  • The blade is full tang and very sharp.
  • Saya: The Saya is wooden with a high gloss black finish. The Sageo is black and brown a Shigeuchi. Koiguchi- kurikata and kojiri made from horn.
  • Tsuka: The Tsuba is copper with dragon design. The Fuchi-kashira are also handmade copper. The Tsuka features double pinned Mekugi and brass menuki of anchors. The tsuka features rayskin samegawa lacquered black and brown silk Ito.
  • Polish : traditional polish use wet stone.

Price : Rp.5.300.000

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